ICEN is committed to equipping children with the necessary tools and giving them opportunities to demonstrate that they are capable of affecting change around them. ICEN Programs take a holistic approach to education and youth development which utilizes community based programming through a partnership with The Young People we serve, their Caregivers, Schools, Orphanages, Businesses, Community Organizations and Individuals who share a passion for the ICEN mission.

Book and Literacy Club

We use the book and literacy club to improve literacy and tap into the creative abilities of children. Creative writing is a major part of the book club. Children are encouraged to use their imagination. They participate in writing exercises where they produce short stories, poems, and plays; all of which they have the opportunity to share with each other and the community during ICEN’s Art Exhibitions. The Book and Literacy Club is a platform for other activities such as debates, spelling bees, the Library on Wheels Project (ICEN’S Mobile Library) and motivational speakers. Our Speakers are volunteer professionals in the community. They offer encouragement, inspiration and education on subjects such as self-esteem, healthy habits, goal setting and financial literacy.

Music, Arts, and Sports (MAS) Day Camp

The MAS camp is an annual 6 weeks summer program where children participate in sporting activities, photography, painting, arts and crafts. They learn to play a musical instrument, as well as participate in traditional drumming, dancing, and other performing arts. It is a fun summer activity which emphasizes self-expression and relationship building. This program is open to children between the ages of 7-13.

ICEN Orphanage Partnership

We partner with Orphanages in the communities we serve for our Literacy and Capacity Building initiative. ICEN capacity building framework emphasizes the development of a positive self-image, by encouraging children to look within themselves to discover and utilize their untapped talents and potential.

  • We establish Reading Centers equipped with books and other learning materials in each partnering orphanage
  • In each partnering orphanage, we develop a comprehensive Out-of School Enrichment program where local and international volunteers/mentors offer tutoring, life skills training, personal and leadership development as well as other enriching activities for the young people we serve
  • Children living in partnering orphanages have the opportunity to be selected for ICEN’s Education and Civic Leadership Program which will provide full education scholarship awards and additional support to ensure that at-risk youth stay in school, graduate from high school and enter college or the workforce as active participating citizens
  • ICEN Education and Civic Leadership Program

    Our youth development program helps at-risk youth stay in school and graduate from high school with the skills and confidence necessary to enter college, the workforce, achieve personal live goals and become active participating citizens in their communities. The program identifies students in grades 7-12 who are capable of success but may be in danger of dropping out of school and pairs them with a Mentor and Youth Advocates through graduation and up to one year post-high school. Community based Mentors and Youth Advocates serve as role models, academic and career advisors and counselors to address students’ individual needs by providing emotional and practical support to overcome the obstacles impeding their success. ICEN Education and Civic Leadership Program employs a holistic approach to setting our students up for success by utilizing an evidence based community support – case management approach, an Age and Culturally appropriate Leadership Development Curriculum and providing Tuition Aid Grants.