Invest in a Child

ICEN hopes to sponsor one African child per year through an education
scholarship the “Invest in a Child” program. ICEN will bear the cost of the selected child’s education from elementary through secondary/ high school.

Criteria for “Invest In a Child” Program.

  •  Must be a child between the ages of 7-16
  •  Must reside in an African Country
  •  Must be one that has exhibited signs of leadership, a talent, or a form of motivation.
  •  Child’s family must prove financial need/ earn below the minimum wage.
  • An essay stating why you should receive this scholarship will be required from applicants.

Save a Hundred

ICEN hopes to pay hospital bills for 100 African children a year in the “Save a Hundred” program. We will also provide hospital supplies such as gloves, medicine cups, toys, and non-perishable food items to selected hospitals across Africa.

Create A Leader

ICEN hopes to supply children hospitals, orphanages, and school libraries with books in our “Create a Leader” program as an extension of the ICEN Book and Literacy Club.