The International Child Empowerment Network (ICEN) was founded in 2007 with the view that all children by nature are vulnerable compared to adults. They depend on the support and guidance of caring adults to realize positive outcomes in life.

Children growing up as orphans or amidst abject poverty, emotional and physical trauma, disability or in a household with a poor social network are even more vulnerable than their peers.

As children grow up, they begin to define their self-worth in terms of how they are shaped by their environment and their capacity to influence change in the world around them.

The International Child Empowerment Network

Our Motto
Our Mission
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The ICEN capacity building framework emphasizes the development of a positive self image, by encouraging children to look within themselves to discover and utilize their untapped talents and potential.

With the motto “You Can, if you THINK you Can” we encourage children to be winners, starting first in their mind.